Director of Education's Welcome

Welcome to our website. I hope you will find useful information about Jordan School and want you to come and visit us as a result of what you read.
I believe that Jordan is a great place for students of all ages to learn. As one of the most innovative and forward-looking schools in Nigeria, it is our exciting role to support students in their learning and provide them with the skills necessary to become successful, creative and fulfilled future leaders of society.
For us, the first step in supporting students is getting to know them as individuals. Building relationships with students (and their parents) is the key to success in everything from encouraging children to grow in confidence, managing behaviour to motivating them to learn and helping them achieve success. Education is a long-term process and adapts according to the age and circumstances of the individual.
The second step to success is providing students with structure. From the first day of school, students learn academic and behavioural expectations. They also learn to take a pride in their achievements and to be accountable for what they do, to meet the high expectations we have of all students. Staff are always there to provide any support they may need to reach the targets. Some students just need encouragement while others may need us to break the goal down into more manageable steps in order to reach those goals.
As the Director of Education at Jordan School, my mission is to help create a school community in which every student can be successful. In my role, I can positively impact student learning by supporting the staff and Principals. I recognize the many strengths of Jordan School under its inspirational founder and ProprietressRev (Mrs) M.O. Osanyin and am delighted to be able to play a role in the school’s success. I truly believe that when all of us direct our energies and resources toward a common goal, we can “challenge and excite learners to achieve their dreams.”

Mr Oluwaseun Osanyin,
Director of Studies