About Jordan Schools

Jordan Schools came into existence in 1996. Our Proprietress Rev. Mrs. Mercy Osanyin is a seasoned educationist whose vision is driven by the need to marry education with morality and godliness. Since inception, our goal has been to deliver sound education to the minds of the growing masses in our country who would be leaders of our nascent nation in the nearest future.
Our competencies include an array of time tested and suitably qualified instructors to mould our students into trailblazers.
We boast of first class facilities such as laboratories for the natural sciences, a well equipped computer centre, tastefully furnished classrooms and building structures that answer to modern education requirement.

Mission Statement

Jordan schools provide life-long learning, striving to be the best, educate children in the spirit of Christ, develop creative minds and the desire to succeed.

Vission Statement

To produce God fearing high achievers, to be known for academic excellence and to promote goodwill in the community in which we operate.

School Song

Jordan Nursery Primary School,
Is my School,
Is your school,
And in Jordan I will make it,
Oh Jordan! Oh Jordan!! Oh Jordan!!!
I love u

School Anthem

  1. Christ is our cornerstone,
    On him alone we build,
    With his true saints alone,
    The courts of heaven are filled,
    On his great love,
    Our hopes we place,
    Of present grace and joys above.
  2. Oh, then, with hymns of praise
    These hallowed courts shall ring;
    Our voices we will raise the three in
    One to sing
    And thus proclaim in joyful song,
    Both loud and long, that glorious name.
  3. Here gracious God, do now
    And evermore draw near,
    Accept each faithful vow, and every
    Suppliant hear.
    In copious shower
    On all who pray Each holy day your
    Blessing pour.
  4. Here may we gain from heaven,
    The grace which we implore,
    And may that grace, once given,
    Be with us evermore
    Until that day
    When all the blest to endless rest are
    Called away.

School Prayer

Oh! Lord Bless us, our parents and our school.
Make us purposeful; endow us with all your benefits,
Make us love you, one another and serve you.