Jordan Alumni Association

Welcome Alumni

The Old Students' Association exists to help former students keep in contact. its main activities are to enable members network socially via this website. Jordan School, founded in 1998 has seen many students pass through its doors who are now resident within the globe.
We know that a lot of sets have communicated through their individual yahoo lists, blogs, twitter, face book pages and reunions and that is very commendable. We however found that there is no single meeting point for all Jordan old students henceforth referred to as The Highfliers - this has never been achieved in the past. So we hope to do a few things. This site aims, amongst all things, to serve as: A web based information dissemination medium on activities /ideas of the Old Students' Association and development projects of our dear school;
A portal for which other Year Set websites will be linked;
A tool for gathering information on The Highfliers all over the world with a view to establishing a requisite database of Jordan School old Students;
A means of facilitating the re-establishment of contact between long lost buddies in the various year sets;
A vehicle for showcasing notable achievements of highfliers in various fields of endeavor from far and near; Etc.
Further to the foregoing, we thought we should attempt for all highfliers to come together irrespective of their sets and reminisce about the school, which is the first of many to come, hence the reunion would be hosted in Lagos, details will be communicated. We will definitely have a blast and it will be good seeing that Jordan School Students do well wherever they are, regardless of their sets. I am proud to have attended the school.
Also, to prepare ahead for Jordan 25th anniversary in 2023! I know it looks far away but other schools have done theirs and it was attended by old students from all over the world. Maintaining a database of all old students (a tough but doable task). To this end, email - was set up and to date, there are over 300 names on it spanning 1998-2010 sets.
This email group is for all old students of Jordan School, We are all proud of our school and its heritage.
To join, please indicate your full name including maiden name, your email, the set you finished and your current location. This ensures that your request is addressed promptly.